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My Ride (An Open Letter To NCT)

by Matt Blick & Balance Lost ft. Sapient

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A love letter to Nottingham’s public transport system written during FAWM 2016 fawm.org

Confused? Read the annotated lyrics! www.mattblick.com/BusLyrics


Aye up me duck! Public service announcement
Lemme push the bus as the way to get round Hoodtown, now
Yellow 71 stops opposite Bulwell Bogs
Ya Blue 45 goes up Mapperley Top
It's got the posh kid voice that'll give you the creeps
Got a ticket for the cricket? Get the Green 13
There's a farm smack-bang in the middle of Stansville
Get on the 21, same as the Panthers fans will
Northbound 40 and you're feeling Blue
Scratching like Jazzy to the GMU
Little C, big C or up the duff
Looks like City's where you wanna get off bruv
Orange 36 to the QMC
Stop at the Savoy via Sainsbury's
Ya gotta stock up man, them sweets ain't cheap
Screen 1, have a cuddle in a double seat

My ride is bigger than yours even Jay-Z ain't got two floors
My ride is bigger than yours even Kanye ain't got two floors
My ride is bigger than yours even Chuck D ain't got two floors
My ride is bigger than yours even Tupac ain't got two floors

There's kids sneaking Maccy D's onto the 43
Round the corner from where Fopp used to be
Brand new Nokia, take it out, feelin proud
Shocking taste in music, bled. Imma play it loud!
Old Jack's eating crackers on the back of the bus
On the coffin dodger run no one makes a fuss
Pink 30 powered by beets not Beats By Dre
Beetroot that you used to eat yoof back in the day
Roll past Wayne Manor back into town
Driver's complaining, Shurrup! Put the ramp down
The lady with the 'chair that's chin-controlled
Wants to ride this beast up Illson Rd
Always drama livening up the place
The mums is fussin over buggy space
Cos theres a pimped up pram with the spinnin rims
So big no other mothers can squeeze in

My ride is bigger than yours....

Drivers skiving down the alley on Angel Row
Taking five minutes for a crafty smoke
Where the Beatles played the Odeon in '63
Now we got a Nando's and a Nando's wannabe
Annie's Burger Shack is hard to beat
But you'll never get to try it cos you'll never get a seat
Sloppy Joe at Brown Betty's or try Homemade
Maryland skim your can but they keep your change
Kids swimming in schools to Oceana
Girls like goldfish, lads like piranhas
Pure and simple, maybe, simple not pure
Walk past the Left Lion see if he roars
Xylophone Man's got a blue plaque
The feds would cut him no slack if he came back
Would he get on Mark Del's show? Can I get a “Hell No!”
Poddingham might though - he's the Pope of Mansfield Road

My ride is bigger than yours....

How you rollin? I'm rollin heavy
How you rollin? I'm rollin heavy
How you rollin? I said I'm rollin heavy
You need to wash your tabs out

I'm rollin heavy, said heavy I'm rolling
13 tons. Built in Poland.
39 Feet from head to toe
6-cylinder diesel, direct-injection, four-stroke
Looking for a rhyme or a rhythm or a pattern
In a skanky old Metro that an old lady sat on
There ain't no clowns round Canning Circus
They're just workers, no one's gonna murk us
Gooseh's got rides, Mela's got rhythm
Tarantino hit Broadway brought Pulp Fiction with him
I'm loud like Little John, Sillitoe-gritty
Hooks as sticky as the floor in Rock City
Getting busy like the bus stop at Forest Rec or
Tight like the floor space inside Rob's Records
So bring me the bus! Bring me the driver!
Bring me breakfast from Warsaw Diner!

My ride is bigger than yours....


released March 28, 2016
Written by Matt Blick And Pete Glover
Blackened Death Metal Interlude by Sapient www.abomnium.com
Mixed And Produced by Balance Lost balancelost.bandcamp.com
Mastered by Rob Cooke at MojoBat Studios www.mojobat.com
Artwork by John Blick www.instagram.com/jblick13/
Samples courtesy of www.freesound.org
(Starting, idling and reving of a bus engine by cdltbz; Sheep_Bleat.wav by n_audioman; 1191_two_cows.wav by reinsamba; backup truck.flac by Corsica_S; Glass Bottle Slide.MP3 by Percy Duke)


all rights reserved



Matt Blick Nottingham, UK

Songwriter/singer from Nottingham, UK. Like early inspiration Billy Bragg, Matt sings in his real accent and plays electric guitar (there’s more tuba than acoustic guitar on his songs). He plays like someone who spent more time in mosh pits than coffee shops and sings about faith and doubt, love and loss, airports and abattoirs. ... more

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